A Tour of Félix à la Campagne Cat Hotel.

Félix à la Campagne occupies part of the former barn of a Hesbaye farmhouse which was built ca. 1850.

The entrance to the cat hotel is indicated by the Félix à la Campagne sign. Please ring the door bell, located on the right hand side of the door frame, when you arrive - and don't be surprised if Miekka, the resident guard dog, also let's Linda know that you have arrived.

The lower floor is the main residential area.

The lower floor also gives access to the balcony

where the guests can take the fresh Hesbaye country air, when the weather is to their liking!

The second level, accessed via the spiral staircase, provides an additional recreation area where guests can enjoy climbing poles, racing through tunnels and chasing mice (artificial, of course!).

The guests personal living spaces are each equipped with the facilities required to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.